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Customers will have the choice of receiving CASH dispensed directly from the kiosk, or loaded directly on to a prepaid MasterCard card dispensed directly from the kiosk or both. No more going to a payday loan/check cashing store first and then on to your competitor.

3.5 %

Check Cashing Fee:

Pre-printed Payroll Checks

Government Checks

5.0 %

Check Cashing Fee:

Hand written payroll

Personal Checks

2-Party Checks 

The customers will be able to do electronic bill pay including “direct connect,” using their personal check, paycheck, cash. We do not accept cash for pre-paid cards.

Entire process takes place over the internet in real-time.  Customers will elect to pay multiple bills generating multiple fees during each transaction.

Cell phone payments have proven to be the most popular items selected for electronic bill payment.

The ATS CheckXpress Kiosk will approve 85% of the checks in 1.2 seconds. The remaining 15% will be returned to the customer and reviewed by a check center employee for approval or denial within 3 to 8 minutes. This will free up the Financial Center Kiosk for the next customer’s use while the previous customer continues shopping.

The customer will receive a text when a decision has been made, at which time they will have 60 min. to return to the kiosk.

ATS CheckXpress Kiosk is multilingual.

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