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The Vision

ATS has built the next generation of ATM/Kiosks revenue generating software products.


We have built our own kiosk operating system, and our ATM software is certified with the ATM processors. ATS Kiosk consists of a fully functional kiosk engine that is designed to host other applications.


Our vision was to build a “Smart” ATM kiosk, which we have accomplished. ATS next phase is to take this technology to market. With the overcrowded ATM industry consisting of a single use ATM functionality and decreasing transactions per kiosk due the oversaturation, our multi-platform gives us the ability to develop other applications to reside in the ATM kiosks that can generate other revenue transactions and generate higher ROI per ATM.


Our primary goal is to become the premier self-service kiosk provider and processor and take the ATM / kiosk industry to the next level by introducing this product
to the market.


With over two decades of developing cutting-edge transactional software, the Advanced Transaction Solutions team of industry professionals has established itself as the leading experts in the industry.

The Market

The Kiosk industry is growing in all industries.


Originally, kiosks were deployed as way finders.


With kiosk costs dropping and labor costs on the rise, kiosks are being sought after to reduce labor costs.


In addition, the saturated ISO /ATM industry is looking for other revenue streams to enhance their dwindling transactions per kiosk

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